Change self talkI’m so glad that you stopped by. I cover the following topics: Journaling for stress relief, to change self-talk, and accept yourself.

Are you bothered with negative self-talk?  I can help you create a journal practice that fits your lifestyle, so it can be available to you anytime, day or night to reduce your stress and feelings of overwhelm. I believe every woman should keep some type of journal or notebook.

Do you suffer from feelings of negativity and a nasty inner critic? I understand and have been there myself. I still have negativity in my life, but I’m managing it much better now than in the last year. My life is nowhere near perfect, but I worry a lot less and accept myself as I am. Do you want to feel less negative and less bothered by your inner critic?  I can help.

What is self-esteem? Do you have low or healthy self-esteem? These are the questions I want to ask you today. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and how much self-acceptance you have.

I have struggled with low self-esteem most my life. I have recently started my journey to better self-acceptance by both reading and journaling.

There are many views on exactly what self-esteem is. I have been reading that high self-esteem can be just as bad as low self esteem. I think of high self-esteem as being self-important. We should all aim for healthy self-esteem and self-acceptances.

Low self-esteem often starts in early childhood. Even with loving parents, the negative messages we receive can develop low self-esteem in us.

How does this fit in with journaling? I suggest you start a inner critic journal or start a new section in your main journal.  

Now it is your turn. What are your views about self esteem? Is it internal or external? Comment below. What makes a person have healthy self- esteem?


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